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Just kidding bear.  You know I love you.

Anywho, so yesterday Shannon and I celebrated our official two year anniversary.  What makes it an official two year anniversary?  Well, two years ago, on September 3rd, I introduced Shannon as “my girlfriend” to some people.  Therefore, we agreed this was the official start date of our relationship.  I remember a few things about this very vividly.  For one, it was BoomsDay weekend.  We had a blast.  Unfortunately, the other memory from that particular weekend was University of Tennessee at Cal.  DeSean Jackson killed us on that punt return.  As did Cal.

It was also shortly before she left for India.

When I think about the last two years, a lot of things come to mind.  We’ve faced a lot of adversity over that time – but we’re better for it today.

Shannon’s time in India was tough.  We were only able to talk through the acquisition of phone cards, and even then we were pretty limited on when we could talk  (Luckily, the time difference was almost exactly 12 hours – so we talked when we were either waking up or going to bed, typically).  But, in her time in India, we grew as a couple.  In fact, she was in India when I first told her I loved her.

Then, back home.  Back to the states.  It took some time for her to adjust to being in America again.  Sometimes, it was a little taxing on our relationship.  What elsed taxed our relationship?  My parents.  Specifically, my mom.  I think Shannon and mom can get along fine — when they’re not living under the same roof.  At that point, Shannon had been on her own for the better part of eight years – and anyone who knows my mom knows she can be very hard to get along with.

But, we were better for it.  We moved out after I returned home from Knoxville.  We had our own apartment.  Our own home.  It was fantastic.  We felt like we had truly earned it.  All the crap we had gone through in the previous year just to be together seemed so worth it then.

Fast forward almost a year.  I propose at the airport.  Wedding planning starts.  We’re the happiest couple, pretty much ever.

It’s been a great two years.  And in about a year, we’ll be married.  Then, after that – many, many happy years to come.


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I have two very special friends planning their nuptials in the next year as well and I wanted to give them a shout out.

My very good friend, Patricia is getting married in March of 2010 in AZ to Mr. Erik.  We go back to my freshman year of college and I have always been blessed to have her in my life. Patricia has an eye for the sparkly as well as the beautiful! She is also a strong woman with an incredible loyalty to her family and her culture. She has worked hard at planning her wedding and I am so excited as I get to be a bridesmaid and see all her hard work come to fruition.

Maggie is a coworker of mine and has quickly become a very good friend and confidant. Anyone who knows Maggie also knows that she is a young Martha Stewart sans a criminal record. Her DIY attitude is contagious and she is an incredibly giving and caring woman. She is planning a spring wedding as well and marrying her long time love, Nick.

I am so excited that I get to share this amazing experience with these two ladies who have been able to offer a lot of insight and assistance already! Because these girls are planning spring weddings and mine is a fall wedding we have teamed up to provide input and support.

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