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So, I’m hoping a lot of people will visit the blog because they got our save-the-date notices in the mail.  As a result, I thought it would be a good idea to get back into the blogging spirit.

First of all, we’d like to thank my brother, Thomas Cox, for designing our Save-The-Dates.  They look incredible, in our opinion.  We’d also like to thank Jamie Clayton for getting the incredible shot of us used in the Save-The-Date.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks — and I have been very busy at my new job.  In addition, since Shannon and I have more free time TOGETHER we’ve been able to do a lot more things TOGETHER.  It’s great!

Some wedding related items: We’ve ordered the cake, we’ve ordered the chairs, she’s ordered her veil, we’ve seen our cake topper, we’ve nailed down a caterer, and we’ve visited the venue once more to get some inspiration and get some more photos (some of which will be published on here soon).  We also went through a short phase where we considered eloping, but one evening Shannon wore her dress around the apartment while I was away and it reminded her of why we weren’t eloping.

We’ve also narrowed our honeymoon registry options down to two websites (and for those of you who aren’t aware: we are doing a honeymoon registry so that we are actually able to take a honeymoon).

So – that’s the update for today.  Please subscribe to our blog or make sure to check in on it regularly.  We plan to do a lot of updating in the coming weeks and hope to keep our friends, family, and fans engaged.


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This year has been a great one so far. Awesome.  Exciting. Brandon and I are feeling on top of the world and so I decided to do an update of recent events.

At the beginning of the year Brandon and I made a goal of making this year much better than the last. We had been through a lot in the past year and when 2010 began we knew we had to renew our life goals and our expectations. This is otherwise known as reframing and hoping good karma comes our way. I’m not sure when we did but 2010 has been awesome!

The last month or so has been pretty crazy with one thing right after the other. The first and perhaps most obvious being that, Brandon got a job! After delivering pizza full time for over a year he accepted a position as the Nashville Sports Council as the Marketing, Development, Communication Manager. We are so thrilled.

Today he began his third week. This may sound silly, but it still feels like it is all a dream. Having our evenings together and weekends to plan ahead is perhaps one of the most amazing experiences ever. Brandon and I have been dating for a about four years (give or take) and at no point have we been able to plan and spend time together. We lived across the country, across the world, and then across the state. We have lived with parents, worked two jobs, survived on one income, worked nights, worked days and everything in between. Fact is, the mundane is kind of exciting for us. Not to say there won’t be adjustments because we are definitely acclimating to a much different way of being but overall we couldn’t be happier.

That’s not all we are excited about. Below is a list.

1)      Wedding

2)      Betty

3)      Valentine’s Day was awesome

4)      New TV (42” 1080p LCD) (That was Brandon’s input in this blog!)

5)      Shannon had an awesome leadership training in Los Angeles

6)      Spring is coming

7)      My sister  and nephew are planning a visit

8)      Weekend plans (or lack thereof)

We can’t help continuing to talk about how thankful we are. It still just seems surreal. BTW, if you feel the need to gag, you can do so….now. I know it’s cheesy. Just doing my best to be thankful for the good times folks.

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