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First, I am only going to so much begging in relation to my own wedding but here goes.

Please, please, please, if you are visiting from out of town, do not go to a chain restaurant while you are here. I beg you. I implore you. It would be shameful. There are too many good restaurants in the Nashville area to even consider a chain. Nashville has a fabulous foodie scene with tons to represent our culture and the people who live here. There is something in every price range and for every taste. If you are feeling something in particular…check out Urbanspoon (I started an account a couple of weeks ago and have done my best to start reviewing). I am there under s-wag. But seriously, the food is worth writing a blog about.

Second, as an alternative to surfing the web, I have compiled a list of restaurants one could check out while they are here. Specifically those related to Southern specialties.They are in no particular order. Brandon and I consider ourselves to be “aspiring foodies on a budget”. We love food. We love trying restaurants and we are always up for anything food related. If you have questions…please ask!

Prince’s/Bolton’s/400 Degrees aka HOT CHICKEN!

Something extremely unique to Nashville and totally to die for is…hot chicken.  For those of you not familiar…it is spicy, fried chicken. If you don’t like spicy things, be careful. It will set you on fire! The local chicken joints are tiny and nondescript but you will not regret stopping by. Please visit!

Jack’s BBQ, Mary’s Hot BBQ, and Neely’s Memphis Style BBQ

When people think of the South they usually think of BBQ and although Memphis is the most famous for Tennessee BBQ Nashville doesn’t disappoint. The three places listed above are all options. Jack’s is located downtown on Broadway. Brandon gives it two thumbs up and a great option if you are planning on sightseeing downtown. Mary’s Hot BBQ is fabulous and known to any Nashvillian. It is far less touristy though. If you want to try something a little more “down home” Brandon and I would be to accompany you. One of my favorites is Neely’s BBQ (they have their own show on Food Network). There other location is in Memphis. I totally recommend the BBQ Spaghetti. Also, it is a great location. They have outdoor seating right on the Cumberland.

Pancake Pantry

A Nashville institution, anyone who ever visits Nashville has heard of the Pancake Pantry located in the heart of Hillsboro Village. Our take…they are great but not worth the possible two and half hour wait to be seated. Many times on the weekends the line extends down and around the block. That being said, they do have amazing breakfast and I would visit if I had more time during the weekday mornings!

 Marche’s in East Nashville

 Brandon and I caught wind of this little brunch spot in East Nashville a few months ago. I love, love, love it! Fresh and local ingredients. I haven’t been to Margot’s behind it but I have heard rave reviews as well.

 Loveless Café

 Another Nashville institution and famous country wide is the Loveless Café located at the start of the Natchez Trace on Highway 70. Nothing beats their biscuits. It is an attraction for locals and tourists and even the sight of a biscuit showdown with Bobby Flay. You have got to make room in your schedule for Southern Cookin and this is one option.


Another famous Nashville restaurant and a fine example of the best the South has to offer. There a number of convenient locations to choose from.

 Arnold’s and Copper Kettle-The Famous Southern Meat and Three Stop

Arnold’s, Copper Kettle and Southern Bred are perhaps the most famous/my favorite of the Nashville Meat and Three’s.  The first two have locations in the downtown area and are open during the day. I would try and avoid the lunch crowds though…there are always crowds.  Southern Bred is located in East Nashville and is perhaps my favorite fried chicken place. Arnold’s is a great example of putting “the south in your mouth” and the traditional meat and three setting. Copper Kettle is a tad more upscale and has a gourmet twist on southern food with awesome views of downtown and Titans Stadium. Sothern Bred has an adorable atmosphere and a large menu. They are also open in the evenings.

My other favorite restaurants

 Woodlands Indian Food

Gabby’s Burger and Fries

Vihn Long Vietnamese Food

Thai Phooket

Las Paletas

Savannah Tea Company

Holland House

Noshville Delicatessen

Germantown Café

Mitchell’s Deli


Sam and Zoe’s Coffeehouse

Calypso Café (multiple locations)

J-J’s Market

Pied Piper Creamery

There should be something on this list to please every palette. But like I said, when it comes to food, no question is too big or small so contact us if you want some individual advice.

Just over a month left…we can’t wait to see everyone!


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