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Brandon and I knew a few things right away as we begin planning our wedding. 1) We were getting married. 2) It would be in the fall. 3) We would have a honeymoon registry.

Some may be asking themselves. “What is a honeymoon registery?’ Well have no fear. I am about to explain!

Honeymoon registries are a fun alternative to a traditional registry for engaged couples. Brandon and I have both been living on our own for a number of years and have acquired quite a few household items. What we don’t have we plan to purchase in the coming years and those are mostly big items like furniture. We also already live together and so “meshing” everything together is well under way. What Brandon and I did not have (because we are paying for the wedding ourselves in part) was the funds to take the honeymoon. Everyone knows that I am super nuts for travel and Brandon is not far behind me. We thought…why not register for the trip of a lifetime?

So there ya go. Honeymoon registry!

We plan to travel to Costa Rica sometime next year (we are working out a date with schedules etc). Right after the wedding we plan to take a 4 or 5 day “mini-moon” in order to celebrate our marriage and spend time together. Although we have not identified that location we are thinking somewhere in driving distance like Gatlinburg or Florida.

Below you will find our initial honeymoon registry detailing some of our plans for Costa Rica. We are so thrilled! Working on the honeymoon registry was so much fun. Costa Rica is an amazing place for a honeymoon. There are beautiful beaches and places to relax but we also plan to do quite a bit of backpacking and exciting activities. I am most looking forward to zip lining over the cloud forests! Brandon and I wanted to visit somewhere that we would be able to really explore and try new things so we thought this was a perfect place for us.

As we continue to plan this awesome trip we will be sure and keep you all in the loop. Thanks so much!


Pura Vida!


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