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My flower experience came down to three steps 1) Decide what kind of bouquet I wanted 2) Decide if I could do it myself 3) Find a company that could help me get the flowers

My first autumn in TN was something like a child discovering something new. Although I was born in Ohio, I moved from there when I was young and only visited in the summers and the winters. I had never really experienced the changing of the seasons. Having lived in TN for a couple of years now I can truly appreciate the beauty of this state and flowers are a significant part of that. When it came to planning a fall wedding I knew I would have a lot of choices with flowers. The awesome thing is that I really love the look of mums, dahlias, daisies, and sunflowers because they have a more fresh picked and local look.

I did a ton of research on how I can save money and soon decided that due to the fact that I want the fresh picked look with inexpensive flowers I could do my own bouquets. Luckily I have some ultra talented friends to help.

After deciding we could do the flowers on our own the next hurdle to cross was finding a wholesale florist. This proved to be much harder than I thought. I tried two florists before I got to one that would answer my questions and treat me nicely. Import Flowers on Murphy Road was awesome. They were the first florist I spoke to that made me feel comfortable and hopeful regarding my flowers and staying in the budget.

I went to visit them in June and later this month I plan on going back and placing my order along with a trial run bouquet. Below are some ideas for the bouquets I shall have at the wedding.

Sunflowers are a Go!

Autumn, Dahlias, Mums and More!


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