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A Piece of Cake

Wedding Planning? Not so much.

But will it be at the wedding you ask?  (The cake people. Stay with me.)


A Few updates for all those interested parties. We are less than 5 months out.

The cake has been purchased.  Turns out Publix is the way to go. Customer service was wonderful, their cake selection was top notch and we couldn’t beat it for the price. We tasted other cake places, this like every wedding/event planning fiasco takes a lot of time and energy to plan. I compared prices, reviews, and I also asked around. The payoff is that you get to eat a ton of yummy “bakery cake”.  It will be three tiered, fall inspired, and decorated with more than one pattern. My only cake must haves. Side note:  I custom ordered the cake topper on etsy.com. It is too cute and cool and totally awesome. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. However, I want to keep it under wraps as it is one of the cooler aspects of the wedding.

Other less exciting rentals and vendors are also booked including the chairs for both reception and the ceremony. BTW, you chair rental places…you must make a killing. I need to go into that business.

Linens? Check.  Dinnerware? Check. Silverware? Centerpieces? Mostly check. Lighting? Check.

OMG. I am like a machine.

That’s a lie. ‘Cause really this is a helluva lotta work.  In fact, after meltdown number 429, I am exhausted. But, I am convinced it’s worth it. Brandon and I have put in a lot of effort but I know that the day I set foot on my pretty little DIY burlap aisle runner. It will all be worth it.

Expect more blogs in the coming days. I am back in the blogging groove.


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